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4 Wonderful Picks For Food When You’re Cruising Around Grand Prairie TX

Let’s explore one more round of restaurants in the city of Grand Prairie, Texas. There are just so many to discover that you don’t want to miss the best picks. So far I’ve identified 12 of them, but remember, there are 197. Plus, if you look on a top travel site for Grand Prairie, there are also many Arlington restaurants mentioned, since Arlington is so close by. Without further adieu, here are four more restaurants you might want to visit in Grand Prairie.

Guanataco Taqueria is located at 2505 South Belt Line Road, and it is known for serving up amazing Mexican cuisine. The prices are reasonable, and you can expect to get your fill. People report that there are daily specials at Guanataco Taqueria, too. It would be a nice place to take the family if you are looking to enjoy some delicious Mexican cuisine.

The Grease Monkey certainly sounds like a fun place to stop and enjoy a meal. What a unique name, and this restaurant located at 200 North Mesquite Street is all about the burgers, brews and live music. This is a very casual restaurant to sit down with your family. It may not be the best place for young children, but it’s a place to enjoy a relaxing meal. Are you ready for a delicious burger?

It’s time to tell you about another barbecue restaurant. There are quite a few of them in Grand Prairie, and then you have the ones nearby in Arlington as well. Outlaw’s Barbecue is a great choice, and it’s located at 2334 South Belt Line Road. They serve up breakfast there, too. Brisket and fried okra are a couple of the menu highlights. Barbecue always sounds good to me.

How about a bakery for the last pick? Marquez Bakery is located at 1801 West Polo Road, and you know you’re going to get your hands on some delicious baked goods. What you might not have expected is that this bakery also serves up fresh tamales. That is a thing in Texas, but to know that a bakery is the place to get them was a first for me. You just never know sometimes, and I can tell you that fresh tamales would be great to pick up.

Fresh tamales, Mexican cuisine, burgers, live music and more await you. You’re certainly going to have a blast and eat well in Grand Prairie TX. Now you just have to decide where you’re going first.